NDSL is a leader in battery monitoring solutions for reserve power in the UPS/Datacenter, Enterprise, Power/Utility, Oil/Gas, Telecom, and Transportation markets.

For over 30 years NDSL has focused on protecting data, ensuring vital business operations, and creating systems to simplify mission-critical battery asset management.

  • Designed and manufactured for extremely long life with high reliability
    • Data Collection Modules (DCM) have a Mean Time Between Failure of over 350 years
  • Manufactured and assembled in the USA
  • Deployed on critical systems worldwide
  • Manufactured to meet safety standards
    • Listed to UL, CE and CSA safety standards
  • Designed to meet regulatory compliances
    • Cellwatch meets NFPA and IFC fire codes
  • Frontier meets NERC requirements
  • Designed based on IEEE 1491

Proprietary Engineering Expertise

With approximately 35 years of application expertise, no other supplier has more experience with battery monitoring methods and technologies

Areas Protected by Trade Secrets:

  • Advanced digital filtering technology
  • Sophisticated noise immunity
  • Manufacturing cost reduction through proprietary design
  • Thermal runaway detection and prevention
  • Differentiating regulatory compliance solutions
  • Non-invasive electrolyte level detection
  • Unique thermal compensation technology
  • Consistent operating performance in harsh environments
  • Smallest battery load in the industry, ensuring no impact on the battery performance
  • Best-in-class accuracy and repeatability

Patents for Cellwatch & Frontier Solutions

Date IssuedPatent NumberDescriptionImportance
July 202111,069,929Optically monitor fluid level in a container using a non-contact optical detectorAllows NDSL to provide a non-invasive technique for monitoring a regulatory-mandated condition
July 202010,712,396Methods, systems and devices for monitoring the health of a battery system operating over an extended temperature rangeCustomers with this technology can use NDSL’s solutions on batteries where environmental controls are limited or non-existent
April 20179,612,290Suppresses electrical noise in measured signals of a tested battery cell(s)Allows measurement devices to be programmed to avoid electrical noise
April 20179,612,287Non-sequential monitoring of battery cellsAvoids imbalance on the battery string that could occur if measured sequentially
March 20169,276,298Automatically determines alarm threshold settings for monitored battery system componentsAllows customers to automate a complex process, saving time and improving accuracy
Prevent Outage

Prevent unplanned outages

Know the instant a backup battery shows signs of failure. Predict performance and make informed, data-driven decisions to effectively manage one of an organization’s most critical and costly assets.

Save Money

Save Money

Eliminates costly unplanned outages, extends battery life, displaces wasteful precautionary replacement practices, and reduces preventive maintenance costs.

Comply with regulatory requirements

Comply with regulatory

Cellwatch complies with regulatory requirements for IFC and NFPA. Frontier complies with regulatory requirements for NERC.

Ensure safety and reliability

Ensure safety and reliability

Meets UL 61010, supports IEEE 1491 and has CE marking; Cellwatch has no high voltages and minimized human contact with the batteries.

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