Cellwatch Central

Solution for Large Multisite & Remote Multisite Enterprises

Cellwatch Central allows users to view all battery assets in one place – whether they are in a single building, across the country or around the world.

It was designed specifically to simplify battery monitoring & management for large configurations and multi-site installations. The product is compatible with both Cellwatch and Frontier systems.

The larger the enterprise, the more complex data analysis and battery management can be. Cellwatch Central simplifies it all by collecting data from multiple installation sites, integrating all battery data and performance information, and consolidating it into a single centralized system.

The system allows the user to quickly isolate an issue through integrated tools and user controls. Accessing any individual measurement point on any system requires only a few clicks, and user privileges define how the systems are accessed and controlled.

Log in from anywhere and have complete visibility of the entire battery network – providing real-time battery performance at each site, system control, global alarm data, battery asset details, reporting, and more.

Central is designed for installation behind your corporate firewall or installation in the cloud. If deployed behind the firewall no information is transmitted outside of your network unless explicitly authorized. An integrated notification system provides either immediate or scheduled notifications of events based on the user profile, freeing users to perform other tasks rather than continuously check the system.