Commitment to Quality

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 certification

After completing a thorough review of NDSL, Inc. quality management system and processes, the Advantage International Registrar (AIR) concluded that NDSL, Inc. met the requirements and has been awarded certification for ISO 9001:2015.

NDSL's Certifications

ISO 9001:2015

US, Asia

CE mark

US, Asia, UK

UL 61010

US, Asia, UK

Quality by Design

Thanks to a unique and comprehensive design, the Cellwatch system detects failures often months before a battery would become an operating risk. This prompt notification of a potential risk gives you peace of mind, ensuring business continuity and safeguarding company assets.

Installing a Cellwatch system can produce a rapid Return on Investment that protects your organization from a high-cost unplanned outage.

Quality Metrics

To demonstrate our commitment to quality we proudly post our quality metrics.

in-warranty failures
(from RMA register)
🟢 Meets Target🟡 Acceptable
Needs Improvement
🔴 Not Acceptable
Immediate Corrective
Action Required
IBMU<0.3%≥0.3% and <1%≥1%
CU<0.1%≥0.1% and <0.5%≥0.5%
CT<0.1%≥0.1% and <0.5%≥0.5%
Level Detector<0.1%≥0.1% and <0.5%≥0.5%
DCM<0.1%≥0.1% and <0.5%≥0.5%
Frontier<0.3%≥0.3% and <1%≥1%