Solutions for UPS and Data Center Applications

Cellwatch is designed specifically for almost all UPS applications. Cellwatch utilizes advanced measurement techniques designed to provide extremely accurate readings in the noisiest operating environment.

The technology has been perfected through multiple generations of design. We are now on our 6th measurement design where we applied the 30 years of experience. 

Cellwatch continuously monitors the entire battery system, including string and cell level voltage, ohmic value, current and temperature throughout the charge, discharge, and float periods. 

Cellwatch provides immediate warnings of battery deterioration and imminent failures. Cellwatch identifies any individual battery that exhibits problems—providing a proactive approach to ensuring UPS reliability. The concepts behind the Cellwatch system are flexibility, scalability, with ease of:  installation, use and operation. It can be installed on new or old batteries. 


  • VRLA, VLA and NiCad
  • 1.2 to 16 volts, Capacity of 28AH (100Watts) and above
  • UPS, Generator, Switchgear, and Communications gear


  • Lightest Load – protects batteries and ensures highest state of charge.
  • High precision – allows users to further extend useful battery-life.
  • Best Reliability – eliminates outage, reduces workload, and gives data consistently.