Training Services

Learn how to master your Cellwatch system

Training is the key to successfully using your battery monitoring system. Courses are interactive and give hands-on experience for day to day operation.

Topics covered include:

  • Data analysis
  • Reviewing your History data
  • Understanding your Discharge data
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • Maintenance guidelines
  • Identifying key signs there is a failure
  • The components that are connected to your batteries
  • How to access and navigate the Cellwatch software
  • How to perform ohmic value and voltage scans
  • Practicing setting alarm limits
End-User Training
In-House End User Training
Installer Training
Installer Certification

End-User Training (1 day)

Onsite training brings an NDSL instructor to your facility. Contact Technical Support for scheduling. 

In-House End User Training (NDSL, Raleigh, NC)

NDSL offers training in our Raleigh headquarters for individuals or small groups. Training is by request. Contract Technical Support for scheduling.

Installer Training (2 days)

Cellwatch Installer Training & Certification is restricted to NDSL Resellers.  Only NDSL trained and certified parties can install our product.  Installation by unauthorized parties invalidates manufacturer’s warranty.  NDSL trained and certified installers are badged, ask for their Badge ID or contact NDSL to verify installer certification status.

Raleigh Office Training

Reservations must be in place at least one week ahead of time to secure a position. When submitting a request to join a scheduled training session, please include the Training Class Registration Form below:

Onsite Training

NDSL offers training at the reseller’s specified location. A standard training and travel fee applies for all trainings outside of NDSL’s office. Training at remote locations requires scheduling 3 weeks in advance, with 4 weeks’ advance notice for international requests. Contact NDSL Technical Support to schedule training and reserve dates.

Important Documents and Details:

Installer Certification

Installer Certification and Recertification courses are held at NDSL’s office once a month. Courses can also be held at the reseller's location or online via webinar. Contact NDSL Technical Support for information on available training options.    

Cellwatch Installer Certification is valid for three years. Re-certification is required as NDSL product technology and practices change with releases.  

Certification is issued to the technician while employed with the reseller. Certifications are not transferrable if the installer leaves the company that sponsored their certification.