Cellwatch Frontier

Solutions for Utilities and Remote Sites

While we support many applications, this product was purpose-built for NERC standards compliance monitoring. Cellwatch Frontier meets the PRC-005-6 battery maintenance requirements, making it easy and cost-effective to comply with these regulations. 

Cellwatch Frontier tests substation batteries daily to ensure they will work when called upon. Frontier integrates into SNMP and SCADA using DNP3 or Modbus to centralize monitoring of every remote battery and integrate battery monitoring into existing maintenance procedures. With Cellwatch Frontier, battery experts are coordinated with field personnel, operations, and maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Cellwatch Frontier
NERC Compliance with Cellwatch Frontier
Cellwatch Frontier Electrolyte Level Detector
  • Meets NERC compliance requirements
  • Automatically generates NERC audit reports
  • Eliminates unplanned downtime
  • Slashes fuel and vehicle expenses
  • Lowers battery replacement costs
  • Reduces site visits and maintenance costs
  • Supports condition-based maintenance practice
  • Improves workplace safety

By using Cellwatch Frontier, NERC utilities can ensure compliance with PRC-005-6 by automating the following maintenance tasks:

  • Inspection of the condition of individual units by measuring battery cell/unit internal ohmic values.
  • Verification of inter-cell and terminal connection resistance
  • Unique connection technique ensures post to post measurement.
  • Evaluation relative to baseline of battery cell/unit measurements indicative of battery performance
  • Monitor electrolyte level of every cell.
  • Verification of station DC supply voltage
  • Verification of battery continuity
  • Generating reports necessary for NERC audit

The patent-pending Cellwatch Frontier™ Electrolyte Level Detector (FED) automatically monitors the electrolyte level of each jar in VLA (flooded) battery applications.

Extremely accurate, with no false alarms, the sensor is simple to install and remove if the battery needs to be replaced. LED status indicator lights on the face of the sensor clearly signify if electrolyte levels are low and an alarm icon is triggered on the user interface.