Green Mountain Data Centre Prevents Downtime and Achieves Greater Sustainability with Cellwatch

“Installing Cellwatch battery monitoring systems in our data centres was a win-win for us”, said Tor Kristian Gyland Operation Manager at Green Mountain Data Centre. “Not only does Cellwatch provide another level of power assurance, it overwhelmingly supports our environmental initiatives of setting the Green standard in Datacenters. In just a few years we will pay for the battery monitoring system from the reduction in maintenance costs and from using our batteries for longer than we could without Cellwatch. We are now even more confident in our ability to deliver 24/7 power reliability in the most earth-friendly way”.


Green Mountain operates two wholesale colocation data centres in Norway that run on 100% low-cost renewable power. With major clients in finance, technology, and government, the leader in green data centers seeks to partner with technology companies that maintain similar standards for environmental stewardship. During evaluations for an automated battery monitoring system, Cellwatch came out on top.


Green Mountain quickly recognized Cellwatch battery monitoring systems as the most robust and reliable system to ensure backup power dependability, but expectations were exceeded when Cellwatch not only met their data center performance standards, but also surpassed their sustainability requirements with the environmental attributes Cellwatch offers. Cellwatch engineers demonstrated how the system provides both unprecedented insight into battery health and preventing outages, and additionally extends battery life, significantly reducing waste and expenses. Engineers also demonstrated how Green Mountain could properly size batteries so that energy is not wasted charging batteries that aren’t needed.


Green Mountain’s unique power availability now coupled with Cellwatch battery monitoring provides significant advantages to their customers in additional power protection and protection for the environment. With Cellwatch, battery life has been extended by years with far fewer total
batteries required.