Cellwatch Latest Release Download & Instructions

Cellwatch 4.3

Cellwatch 4.3 is a full suite of software designed to help you manage your batteries. Version 4.3 includes all of the features of previous versions. All updates also include improvements to scanning and general performance of the system. Please read the following before installing the software on your iBMU.

An iBMU running Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Cellwatch 4.0 or later is required to run this FREE upgrade.

Download & Install Cellwatch

Latest version:

Released: 2017-10-20

  1. Download the installation executable (.exe) file.
  2. Place the file on your iBMU.
  3. Run the installer file on the iBMU to update Cellwatch.
  4. Cellwatch will automatically close while the update is in progress. Once installation is complete, the new version will start automatically and resume scanning.

Major Features in Cellwatch

4.3Cellwatch Central Support
Updated Data Manager
Replace Application server with local database
4.2DCM 5 support
Individual cell temperature alarms
Ripple voltage alarms
Thermal Runaway Protection (Rack solution, per jar alarming)
Recharge file creation
4.1Thermal Runaway Protection (Cabinet solution)
String Voltage alarms
4.0Constant voltage scanning
History stitching
Dual-axis graph plotting
Data Manager & Application Server