Thermal Runaway Prevention

Detect, Warn and Prevent Thermal Runaway with Cellwatch

The Cellwatch thermal runaway solution is the most comprehensive solution for thermal runaway prevention in the industry.  Cellwatch is a listed device that provides the mandatory battery isolation required by International Fire Code 608.3 along with a practical yet highly sophisticated automation process allowing a battery management team time to address a thermal runaway issue while maintaining protection for their UPS load.

Cellwatch accurately detects thermal runaway conditions and warns system administrators to take corrective action before it automatically disconnects the battery from the charger to prevent thermal runaway from occurring.

Key features:
Thermal runaway detection, warning and prevention
Listed device that meets IFC 608.3 standards for string isolation
TUV Rheinland Certified (UL/EN/CSA 61010 3rd Edition)
Meets Uniform Fire Code (UFC) NFPA 1


The Cellwatch thermal runaway prevention feature utilizes a field-upgradable thermal runaway controller (TRC) along with Cellwatch software to create a comprehensive, highly accurate and dependable solution.

For existing Cellwatch users, the Thermal Runaway Controller is a drop-in replacement for the Control Unit.  When replacing a Control Unit with the TRC, the existing conduits and wiring can be reused since the wiring interconnections and power requirements are all compatible.  One TRC monitors 4 strings and provides separate controls for thermal runaway protection for each string.  Every TRC also includes an integrated generator extender kit master controller.

Software Features Activated for Thermal Runaway Prevention

Thermal Runaway Warning
The Cellwatch system administrator configures control parameters for each string to establish the criteria for thermal runaway based on the battery type and operating environment.  When thermal runaway is  detected on a string, a warning alert appears on the screen and GUI indicators turn red clearly highlighting the location.

trc 3

Simultaneous with the on-screen warnings, alarms can be sent to an administrator via email or SMS.  Upstream building management systems are also notified, and lights on the front of the TRC are illuminated providing additional warning for immediate location identification.

Thermal Runaway Isolation
Cellwatch provides a user programmable warn period to allow time for corrective action after triggering a thermal runaway alarm before it isolates the string.  This is an important design feature because this allows the battery engineer to address the fault condition without putting the UPS critical load at risk like many thermal runaway solutions.  This warning period is programmable allowing the operator to determine how much time to allow for corrective action.

trc 5

If thermal runaway conditions are not addressed within the warn period,  Cellwatch will automatically isolate the string, immediately removing the charger from the battery to instantly stop thermal runaway.

ScreenHunter_30 Dec. 19 16.18

After a string is isolated alarms will continue to indicate there is an isolated string until a maintenance operation has occurred and protection for the UPS is restored.

Who should install or update their systems with thermal runaway control units?

  • All organizations needing to meet mandatory requirements for IFC 608.3 and NFPA 1 compliance, and
  • Any data center that maintains systems with VRLA batteries should strongly consider installing thermal runaway control units

Watch our Thermal Runaway Prevention video.

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