Date IssuedPatent NumberDescriptionImportance
July 202111,069,929Optically monitor fluid level in a container using a non-contact optical detectorAllows NDSL to provide a non-invasive technique for monitoring a regulatory-mandated condition
July 202010,712,396Methods, systems and devices for monitoring the health of a battery system operating over an extended temperature rangeCustomers with this technology can use NDSL’s solutions on batteries where environmental controls are limited or non-existent
April 20179,612,290Suppresses electrical noise in measured signals of a tested battery cell(s)Allows measurement devices to be programmed to avoid electrical noise
April 20179,612,287Non-sequential monitoring of battery cellsAvoids imbalance on the battery string that could occur if measured sequentially
March 20169,276,298Automatically determines alarm threshold settings for monitored battery system componentsAllows customers to automate a complex process, saving time and improving accuracy