Cellwatch Frontier Overview

Automated Daily Battery Monitoring For Utilities and Remote Sites

windmill2Cellwatch Frontier is the most advanced battery monitor for substations, enabling any utility to increase the reliability of their switchgear, telecom and generator-start batteries while substantially reducing the cost of manual maintenance. For substations that must comply with NERC standards, Cellwatch Frontier meets the new PRC-005-2 battery maintenance requirements, making it easy and cost effective to comply with these new regulations.

Cellwatch Frontier tests substation batteries daily to ensure that they will work when called upon. Frontier integrates into SCADA using DNP3 or Modbus to centralize monitoring of every remote battery and integrate battery monitoring into existing maintenance procedures. With Cellwatch Frontier, battery experts are coordinated with field personnel, operations and maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness for your team.

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Meet NERC compliance requirements

Frontier enables North American utilities to meet NERC PRC-005-02 requirements for battery monitoring.

Eliminate unplanned downtime

Decrease the cost of outages due to power failure by eliminating the risk of battery failure. By ensuring remote batteries will work when needed, operators can improve their response to unplanned outages.

Slash fuel and vehicle expenses

A huge amount of battery maintenance time is simply traveling to and from sites.  Eliminating truck rolls decreases fuel consumption and reduces a provider’s carbon footprint.

Lower battery replacement costs

Extend battery life and eliminate indiscriminate replacement practices by knowing when a battery needs to be replaced with daily monitoring.

Reduce site visits and maintenance costs

circle-towerCellwatch Frontier is the only battery monitor with native DNP3 integration for easy integration with your SCADA system, so there is no longer a need to go on-site to conduct tests or to measure the battery. Your field support team will know when and where to go and what they’ll need to bring.

Improve workplace safety

Frontier’s automated battery monitoring decreases the need for personnel to come into contact with and handle batteries.   The solution is optically isolated thus reducing exposure to high battery voltages. Cellwatch Frontier’s compact size makes it ideal for tight spaces found in utility substations.


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