NERC Compliance with Cellwatch Frontier

power-plantIn December 2013, a FERC order approved PRC-005‐2, defining minimum maintenance activities and maximum maintenance intervals for station batteries and is effective starting February 24, 2014. It defines specific requirements for VLA, VRLA and Ni-Cad batteries.

Importantly, PRC-005-2 outlines exclusions to maintenance intervals for sites using battery monitors. By using Cellwatch Frontier, NERC utilities can dramatically decrease the costs of complying with PRC-005-2 by automating the following maintenance tasks.

  • Inspection of the condition of individual units by measuring battery cell/unit internal ohmic values
  • Verification of inter-cell and terminal connection resistance
  • Evaluation relative to baseline of battery cell/unit measurements indicative of battery performance
  • Verification of station dc supply voltage
  • Verification of float voltage of battery charger
  • Verification of battery continuity

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