How Frontier Works

Cellwatch Frontier can monitor any size or configuration of battery because it uses modular components. Data Collection Modules (DCMs) are attached to battery posts, precisely measuring cell voltage along with cell and strap ohmic values. DCMs are networked with the Frontier device via fiber optic cable for electrical isolation and safety. Current transducers measure float current and discharge events for each string. Temperature probes capture ambient and cell temperatures.

frontier system

Typical Site Configuration

Digital inputs enable integration with electrolyte level and ground fault detection systems.
Cellwatch Frontier aggregates this battery data, recording history and looking for alarm conditions. It integrates with SCADA via DNP3 or Modbus. With real-time graphical user interfaces, Cellwatch Frontier provides providing a unified view of the battery health across all substation sites.

Complete Battery Monitoring for NERC

Cellwatch Frontier measures voltage and ohmic value for each jar or cell including inter-cell and inter-tier connections as well as temperature, float current, discharge current and AC ripple. Inputs for electrolyte level and unintentional ground detection provide a complete picture of battery health.

Advanced Detection of Battery Issues

Detect failing cells, over or under charging, incorrect torqueing, out of spec straps, failing chargers, faulty temperature conditions, and more. Alarms are indicated on LEDs, hardware relays, web UI and SCADA via Modbus and DNP3.

Easy Install and Commissioning

With its modular architecture, Cellwatch Frontier does not require custom engineering for each site. The same off-the-shelf components are used to support any switchgear, telecom or gen start battery in the substation.

Built to Last

The Cellwatch Frontier components have an extremely long life and the major components of the solution have an availability factor of greater than 99.9995% (excluding travel time).  The Cellwatch Frontier system is highly reliable and provides an extremely high return on investment.

Cellwatch’s unique testing method has no impact on the cell’s capacity and no impact on the cell’s useful life.

Watch the Frontier Overview Video

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