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Formed in 1986 as Smartpower UK Limited, our focus has always been standby battery monitoring. Early applications were in the military and leisure sailing markets, while today our primary business is in data center UPS markets and remote utility and telecom sites. With tens of thousands of systems installed worldwide, our battery monitoring solutions accurately identify potential battery failure for Fortune 100 companies, government agencies and other organizations around the world.

Product development is a core competency of ours and throughout the decades we greatly advanced our comprehensive suite of solutions around our flagship product Cellwatch, with new software and hardware components, monitoring capabilities and certifications. Additionally, we continued our global expansion not only with offices, but translating Cellwatch software into French, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Today we offer the most reliable and scalable system in the industry for protecting mission critical applications from unexpected downtime, and have monitored over 1 million batteries worldwide. We currently have a number of new products under development and we’re sure you will be excited to see what future technologies we develop to help our customers prevent unplanned outages and greatly reduce their total battery cost.

For a snapshot of our history and product evolution, take a look at our timeline and photo gallery.

Innovation Highlights

  • Continuously advancing our data collection module (DCM) technology to expand measurement ranges for even greater analytic precision to detect early signs of failure and prevent unplanned outages.
  • With the release of our ‘Auto-Set Ohmic Alarm’ feature, Cellwatch became the only automated battery monitoring tool in the industry with the capability to set  alarms in less than a minute even for massive UPS installations with thousands of batteries – ensuring accuracy while saving users days of set up time.
  • The introduction of our Data Manager App greatly simplified alarm data management by capturing all battery alarms in one place giving the administrator fast access to analyze alarm data and the ability to quickly make a plan of action, saving valuable time and money.
  • The Cellwatch thermal runaway solution is the most comprehensive solution for thermal runaway prevention in the industry. Our Thermal Runaway Prevention feature is designed to detect thermal runaway conditions, provide early warning, and if necessary disconnect batteries from the charger if the fault condition is not addressed by the user.  This feature allows data centers to meet mandated fire code regulations.
  • Cellwatch is the only battery monitoring solution with an event driven centralized management system so you can easily monitor hundreds or thousands of jars, viewing all batteries in all sites, from one location – saving time and money.
  • Cellwatch Frontier was the first purpose-built remote battery monitoring solution in the world.  With native protocols for Modbus, DNP3 and SNMP, Frontier can be easily integrated into existing network management and alarm aggregation systems.
  • Cellwatch is approved and specified for use in Nuclear Power Plant Applications. An example of how our core technology can be adapted for mission critical applications.
  • Cellwatch is ATEX Certified for use in Hazardous Explosive Environments.  ATEX capability expands battery monitoring into the Maritime, Oil and Gas and numerous hazardous applications.

Photo Gallery

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