How Cellwatch Works

Get the battery information you need when you need it

Cellwatch is a permanently connected, automated system that runs 24×7, and measures key IEEE recommended measurement parameters including daily ohmic value.

Easy to use monitoring and reporting software performs continuous battery testing and data collection to deliver the critical information you need.

  • Monitors cell, string and battery voltage, cell ohmic value, current and temperature.
  • Records data for daily graphical presentation as well as average data for historical analysis or trending. Cellwatch compares the data continuously with high and low alarm settings for alarm activation.
  • Provides detailed record of battery performance under load by automatically tracking discharge events to identify potential failure or weakness.

The data collected from continuous cell monitoring is stored on the system hard drive and can be accessed from remote computers. Data is also viewable in graphical format on the server, over a network or via the Internet; at anytime. All Cellwatch hardware is on a dedicated Cellwatch bus (network) so data collection is not affected by network traffic.

Cellwatch is the best way to know the health of your battery

Cellwatch provides complete visibility of your batteries and supports condition-based maintenance. With Cellwatch you can determine the current state of your battery and when maintenance is required.

If you are not monitoring your batteries every day, there is a risk that the batteries may not be operational when you need them. By monitoring every day, the state of the art Cellwatch design assures you that your mission critical power will be there when you need it.


This dynamic flash demonstration illustrates how easily Cellwatch is configured and highlights the technical advantages of Cellwatch battery monitoring systems. The Cellwatch demo introduces data center operators to the many benefits of daily battery monitoring with Cellwatch.



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