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Cellwatch is the only modular system of its kind.

One system for any configuration and any voltage jar — a Cellwatch Data Collection Module (DCM) can monitor VRLA, VLA and NiCad Jars between 1.2-16 volts using the same technology.

Wet Cells (VLA)

With an expanded dynamic range, the Cellwatch DCM5 is specially designed to provide enhanced readings on 2 volt cells, often wet cells, which have very low ohmic values. The DCM5 is fully compatible with all versions of Cellwatch software 4.0 and higher and associated hardware, and measures down to 1 micro-ohms.


Cellwatch monitors VRLA batteries from 2-16 volts and measures ohmic value up to 65 mili-ohms. Per cell temperature measurements aid in detecting thermal runaway conditions. Since ripple noise levels can cause damage to VRLA batteries over time impacting their useful life, Cellwatch measures ripple to detect potential damaging noise.


NiCad batteries are often used in harsh environments. Cellwatch is able to measure individual NiCad cells. The Cellwatch DCM5 has an expanded operating voltage range from 4.5 – 80V.

  • Ultra low ohmic measurement capability
  • Broader operating voltage
  • Low power consumption
  • Superior noise suppression technology
  • Ability to ping individual cell; light indicates exact location of failing cell
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