The best protection for critical batteries

Cellwatch is the most comprehensive battery monitoring solution available and addresses all critical batteries in the power network. With three core components, Cellwatch is the easiest battery monitoring system to install and to scale to any battery configuration.

Prevent unplanned downtime

Batteries can fail in as little two days. Cellwatch protects you daily, not just when your scheduled preventive maintenance occurs. Predict performance and make informed, data-driven decisions to better manage your most critical and costly asset.

Regulatory Compliance

99.99999% availability factor

Easy-to-install modular system

Cellwatch can be installed on new or old batteries. The modular design allows the system to fit applications of any size and configuration simultaneously, including UPS, switchgear, generator, communications equipment.

Long-lasting systems

Cellwatch systems last 20+ years, providing you with excellent ROI. By knowing the health of your battery every day, you can selectively replace only failing jars or cells. This saves you money on replacement and maintenance. 

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