Cellwatch Frontier Electrolyte Level Detector

The patent pending Cellwatch Frontier™ Electrolyte Level Detector (FED) automatically monitors the electrolyte level of each jar in VLA (flooded) battery applications.

Extremely accurate, with no false alarms, the sensor is simple to install and remove if the battery needs to be replaced.  LED status indicator lights on the face of the sensor clearly signify if electrolyte levels are low and an alarm icon is triggered on the user interface.



Comply with NERC 005-02, Eliminate Maintenance Tasks, and Cut Costs
The FED was designed to meet NERC PRC-005-02 requirements for stationary battery monitoring and electrolyte level detection while substantially reducing the cost of manual maintenance.



Our Technology Advantages


  • Patent pending
  • Resistant to false alarms
  • Easy identification of the exact jar that has low electrolyte levels
  • Captures hourly record of alarm and updates the report
  • Simple to install and remove the module when the battery needs to replaced


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