Cellwatch Central

Web-based centralized battery monitoring and management for large multi-site enterprises

Cellwatch is the only event driven battery monitor with a centralized monitoring and management system so you can easily monitor hundreds of thousands of jars and have centralized control. Users can view all battery assets in one place – whether they are across the hall or across the country.


Cellwatch Central was deimageedit_2_8689576245signed specifically to simplify battery monitoring and management for large configurations and multi-site Cellwatch installations.

The larger the enterprise, the more complex data analysis and battery management can be. Cellwatch Central simplifies it all by collecting data from multiple Cellwatch installation sites and integrates all battery data and performance information—consolidating it into a single centralized system.


Log in from anywhere and have complete visibility of the entire battery network – providing real-time battery performance at each site, system control, global alarm data, battery asset details and more.

Manage all of your battery assets with one centralized web-based system

  • laptopEasily monitor and manage large campus and dispersed Cellwatch deployments
  • Quickly analyze battery performance across 100,000 jars or more
  • Improve decision making about your valuable battery assets
  • Multiple user authentications for administration, control and observation

Receive immediate alarm notification and view measurement data for more than 100,000 cells

Cellwatch Measures:

  • Cell voltage
  • Cell ohmic value
  • Cell temperature
  • String temperature (ambient or pilot probes)
  • String voltage
  • Discharge alarms
  • Thermal runaway conditions
  • Ripple voltage
  • Electrolyte levels
  • Ground fault (Cellwatch Frontier)

Access system history and discharge graphs
Provides access to the history and discharge graphs stored for all batteries, strings and cells on the system.

Alarm management and reporting
The built in Data Manager Application stores all battery alarms and provides user controls so you can filter through to quickly identify issues, manage alarms, and use the data to create a customized report and plan of action.

Security and data protection
Cellwatch Central is designed for installation behind your corporate firewall. For protection – all system users will have an account that can be set up for varying levels of access – those who can only view data and those with the ability to control and configure systems on your network. No information will be transmitted outside of your network unless explicitly authorized.

If you have more than three IBMUs, call NDSL for more details and a product demonstration.


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