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We are committed to offering you outstanding levels of service. With 25+ years of experience, we have the most knowledge in the industry and have developed a reputation as having the best customer service. We offer a host of services so you can get the most out of your backup batteries and your Cellwatch system. For complete details and pricing of each service listed below, please contact your Cellwatch sales representative.

Installation and Commissioning Services

Installation: Our installation services consist of complete installation of all system components, configuring the system, setting alarms and a diagnostics test to validate that all components are correctly installed and operational.

Commissioning: We offer two types of commissioning services to complement the installation process. We will validate that the Cellwatch system has been properly configured, alarms have been set appropriately, and the system is working as intended.

Onsite Commissioning: We will conduct a visual inspection of the system installation on site and will conduct a comprehensive review of the system configuration and historic data. This service is recommended for larger sites with more than 4 strings.

Remote Commissioning: We will analyze Cellwatch data remotely to ensure the system is operating properly. This service is recommended for smaller sites with less than 5 strings.

Product and Software Services

Product Support: Our Product Support service is a great option to ensure your entire Cellwatch system is working properly.  With unlimited technical support by phone or email, software support and hardware repairs, you can rely on us for peace of mind that your system is running properly.

Software Support: Our Software Support package will provide software patches to correct service impacting issues and subsequent software releases will be provided for corrective content for non-service impacting issues.

Comprehensive Product Support: The Comprehensive Product Support package includes everything from the Product Support option above, plus one site visit per year for a visual inspection, data review or alarm setting recommendations.

End User Training Services

End User Training: High quality training is the key to successful implementation and operation of a Cellwatch battery monitoring system. Our interactive end user training program offers hands-on experience so you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire system. Our training programs ensure your team develops the skills they need to fully utilize the entire system and to maximize your Cellwatch investment. Customer-site training classes are limited to 10 participants.

Monitoring Services

Remote Battery Monitoring: When you don’t have the time or resources to easily monitor your own batteries, rely on our remote battery monitoring services for peace of mind that your batteries are continuously monitored and their health is ensured.

  • Supplement on-site personnel with a professional battery monitoring service including expert battery analysis
  • Cellwatch battery experts deliver daily notification of battery alerts and provide recommended actions
  • Monthly reporting on critical jars, trending failures, and system issues

Contact your sales representative for more information on our installation, commissioning and support services.

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