Generator / Switchgear / Communications Gear Monitoring

Don’t overlook your other critical batteries.  Make sure you are completely protected.

Generator, switchgear, telecom, utility and emergency lighting batteries are just as critical as your UPS batteries and are all at risk of failure — in as little as two days.

You made the wise investment in a Cellwatch battery monitoring system for your UPS batteries, why not protect the rest of your critical data center infrastructure?  Generators, switchgear, and communications gear are all at risk of failure and should be monitored.

Cellwatch closes the loop on your battery monitoring requirements by offering a complete monitoring solution, leaving no critical batteries in the power backup system unmonitored.

Avoid unnecessary exposure to an
expensive outage

Auxiliary battery data is easily integrated into the main Cellwatch system for 24×7 monitoring of all batteries. You’ll know the condition of the auxiliary batteries and that they are ready for an emergency.

Cellwatch Generator Extender Kit

If you have back up batteries that are located away from the main Cellwatch system, they can easily be incorporated into the primary Cellwatch environment. The Cellwatch Generator Extender Kit allows the system to protect batteries that are located up to 4,000 feet away from the rest of the Cellwatch system.

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