Cellwatch Email Alert

Email Alert is now an integrated feature for the Cellwatch iBMU with software versions 4.1 and higher.

With the Cellwatch Email Alert feature, you’ll know instantly when a battery issue arises no matter where you are.  The Cellwatch administrator can self-configure an email address to receive any alarm events, and notifications can also be sent to an SMSC gateway.

Key benefits of Cellwatch Email Alert:Print

• Instant notifications when alarms occur

• Integrates easily into your network

• Works on most intranets

• No network security risk

• Easy to install and manage (Can be easily uninstalled)

• No cost to upgrade

Each email sent includes details about site location, battery, string, date, time and type of alarm event:

• Voltage (Cell and String)

• Ohmic value

• Temperature

• Current

• Thermal runaway

• Discharge events

Cellwatch Email Alert is another benefit to keeping your Cellwatch Battery Monitoring System on the latest version.




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