Online battery monitoring service

The Cellwatch.net online battery monitoring service enhances your Cellwatch system helping you prevent battery failures and unplanned downtime. Key features include:

  • Remote access to alarm conditions and battery data
  • Instant alarm
  • Customizable email notification
  • Site mapping with battery status indication
  • Secure interconnect
  • Data storage & recovery
  • Allows NDSL engineers to view your data during technical support calls

Access your critical battery information anywhere, anytime

Log in to Cellwatch.net from anywhere at anytime for immediate access to all of your critical battery information. The system will also instantly alert you if there is an issue so you can take the appropriate action.

Alarm notification
Instant email notification when an issue arises.
Customized alarm routing
Puts you in control of where alarms should be routed based on alarm type so the right person gets the alarm. Critical alarms can also be routed to more than one individual to ensure redundant resources are notified.
Daily system integrity check
We watch your Cellwatch servers for you and let you know if a Cellwatch system has not communicated for 24-hours.
Global site mapping
Monitor multi-battery sites and campus environments making identification of multi-site issues significantly easier and more cost effectively.
Off-site data storage
Your battery data is always safe and easily restored when needed. Cellwatch system data is protected in a secure external server on a daily basis.
Intranet security is ensured by a one-way (outbound) connection to a hosted server for high reliability and security. Administration access is performed through an authorization portal on the remote Cellwatch.net server so no one ever accesses your private network.


Get the most out of your Cellwatch battery monitoring system. Make Cellwatch.net part of your complete battery monitoring solution and power protection program. Contact Cellwatch technical support to activate your subscription.


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