About Us


Cellwatch is the world’s leading battery monitoring solution for critical battery protection applications. Cellwatch has been uniquely designed to monitor batteries every day delivering unmatched monitoring technology to protect customers from downtime and provide complete peace of mind.

Developed by NDSL and introduced in 1995, Cellwatch was the first modular battery monitoring system on the market. Since that time, due to its unsurpassed performance and reliability, the system has been used extensively worldwide in nearly every industry: utility, telecommunications, healthcare, and financial industries, as well as data center, government and military installations.


We adhere to strict industry standards to ensure excellence in everything we do. All Cellwatch products undergo 100% pre-delivery testing to make certain you are receiving the highest level of quality and reliability.

NDSL Group Ltd., Gloucester House, 399 Silbury Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 2AH, England. Registered in England and Wales: 4034639

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